Developing, manufacturing and installing GRP and thermoplastic products, GPE Industries Limited
GRP Installation by GPE Industries, Ireland
GPE Industries Limited (Tionscala GPE Teoranta) has over 30 years experience in fabrication and installation of chemical processing equipment, Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) Mouldings, piping systems including fume extraction, air pollution and odour abatement systems and all types of thermoplastic fabrication. The company has developed, manufactured and installed GRP and thermoplastic products, including tanks, ducting, piping and environmental control products, for the chemical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, fertiliser and allied industries.

The company focuses on the quality of its products and services from design and material sourcing through to final testing, delivery and installation of finished products. This is achieved through the use of engineering design standards, to BS, USA-NBS, ASTM, ASME and DIN codes, the use of modernised production facilities, equipment and controls and close attention to efficiency and compliance with client specifications.


GPE Industries specialises in:


Exhaust Ducting and Fan

Scrubber Head with Piping
Full Vacuum - 3 barge Furane Piping
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